Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Hallo Everyone,

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. This time, i gonna introduce you what is web and little thing about how is internet working. This is really simple and easy thing to understand because we use internet, when you visiting my blog, means you have just visit a web by access the internet, When you access the internet means you access network that interconnecting computers and sites all over the world that allow us to get unlimited information provided from all over the world. So simple right?

As i said, internet connect computers, sites, and any devices from all over the world into a network. And when they're connected, they're also able to communicate each other. So now, you probably wondering on how to identify each computers and sites when they're united into a network? how to know that this is computer A and that is computer B? How to identify the receiver when each devices start communication?

The answer is simple, the key is IP Address. Each computer, network devices, and sites have an IP address and each IP addresses between devices must be unique, it is useful to identify each devices so they can communicate each other.

This is means, when you're browsing some sites and put the domain name of the website or usually known as URL (e.g. The domain name will be converted into IP address by a part of network service that called as DNS (Domain Name Server) and access that IP Address to access the sites, And when you want to get the information provided on the sites, the sites transmit and deliver the information to your computer according to your IP Address. In comparison, a typical URL contains the internet protocol to be used (i.e. HTTP, FTP), the domain name or IP address, the path, and optional fragment identifier. It is obvious to see that an IP address can be part of a URL, although it is more common to see a domain name instead of an IP address.

If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to put your comments bellow :) Have a nice day and happy browsing :D


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