Thursday, July 24, 2014

Internet Understand Your Information Needs

Hello Everyone,

Just for a litle review of last topic, internet connect computers, devices, and any sites from all over the world into a network so they can communicate and share information each others. We always hear that internet is source of any information, yes, that's right. by using internet you can gain any information you need from all over the worlds, no matter what kind of information you need like medical information, news, article, some cooking recipes, tourism object, anything.

Last topic, we have learn what is internet and how internet works. Now, we will learn how to manage information from any sources in internet, how to use search engine, and how to browsing and searching the web. how to make a keyword on information search, locating or finding desired information within search results.

Those things refers to information search, and there is engines that facilitate us to search and gain some information that called as search engine (e.g. google,, In search engine, we only put a keyword of information we need, and then the search engine will collect multiple result from all over the sites over the internet based on your keyword.

So now, how to put best keyword for our information search. the key is on simplicity and how clear that simple keyword to refer your information needs. "how to sing a song with a microphone and sound system". is such a very long words to use for a keyword. it's too much. and we should provide simple keyword. and to provide simple keyword, we can just to type the point. and from that keyword, we can just type "sing a song using sound system".
another example, "the best OS for any smartphone of the year" we can just type "best OS for smartphones" the search engine will find collect information based on the provided keyword. the point is, you should type the point of information you need as a keyword, make it as clear as possible, and as simple as possible.

And then the search engine will collect a lot of links as result of search based on keyword to a web that provide information or have keyword as you entered. So then, you just choose some of them, and then click them to visit the web and see the information or things you need from that site. So, now, there are any of those result are just some links that spamming your result and not really giving information you need, so how to choose the most exact based on what we looking for, information we need?

You need to read the title of the links, the header, pay attention on it, is it refer to what are you looking for? if yes, read the small text below of the header as a review so you can make a review of the content. if you find something, just click on it, on the header.

if you want to choose more than one of them, a lot of them, just right click on the link and choose open on the new tab. do it on each link you want to open. you will see them on the top site of browser, there will be a lot of tabs that contain webpages and information inside of it.

okay that's all xD it's easy to doing browsing, surfing, and searching. so, have fun :))


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